Twisting Paths

Welcome to ‘The Eagle and The Serpent’!

For the first post on this blog I wanted to write a brief introduction to the paths I choose to follow and the reasons I am writing about it.

What does it mean to be a pagan? For me it is primarily about feeling a deep reverence and awe of nature and all it encompasses. It is about expressing that reverence in a way that is meaningful, fulfilling and personal. It is about connecting to the inner and outer divinity that we all share and celebrating that bond. Spirituality to me is the very act of connecting to that which is greater than oneself. The strengths of paganism lay in its vivid and profound manner of making that spiritual connection live everyday.

Where paganism brings spirituality to everyday life, shamanism provides the tools to delve directly into the spiritual realms themselves. The depth of experience that shamanism can provide is extraordinary and humbling allowing the practitioner to come face-to-face with their Gods within their own realm, to meet their ancient ancestors and converse with celestial beings.

Reiki is usually described as a energy based healing technique and although this is correct it falls far short of accounting the effect Reiki has had on my life. Whilst Reiki does heal it also spiritually elevates. Perhaps most importantly for me it proved beyond my capacity for doubt the reality of phenomena that could not conceivably be explained by materialist science. It opened the floodgate for the exploration of paganism, shamanism and many other things that I would have previously dismissed out of hand. Much like the internet I don’t know how I ever lived without it.

Curiously, I came to Buddhism through the study of physics. Science has always held a fascination for me, but it was not until I came to learn of the nature of quantum reality and its parallels with the Buddhist and Hindu concept of Maya (that our perception of the world is illusory) that I became entranced with Buddhism. Buddhism profoundly changed my priorities and opened my eyes to the vacuity of the materialist ideals that our culture so forcefully promotes.

Each of these paths represent a journey rather than a destinations, each augments the others. These are the journeys Serpent and I are inclined to share in our future posts.

Blessing be )0(

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  1. I decided to go back to thea beginning of this blog to get a wider perspective and glad I have. Your definition of Paganism is excellent, really beautiful!

    in light, Linda

  2. Wonderful to meet you, Neometheus! I have been following Heidi’s blog for a while and now I really look forward to your joint work! As Alia said, we have been considering a joint blog for a while, so we will see what wants to sprout… 😉

    • Greetings Tomas, and welcome to our blog! We have a wealth of ideas for upcoming posts which I hope you will find interesting. Thank you for your support and for your own fantastic writing 🙂
      Blessings be )O(

  3. Greetings Alia, and welcome to our blog. It is a pleasure to share, both with eachother and with our readership, I wish you Tomas all luck should you choose to create your own joint blog, I for one would be very interested in reading it. Thank you for your kind words and also for the gift of your wonderful blog. Blessings be )O(

  4. What a beautiful concept to have a blog that expresses your spiritual partnership. Just last week I suggested to Tomas that we create a blog together. And here you two have done it! Congratulations! I am enjoying the definitions of your spiritual paths, as you see them. The cleansing ritual was very clear, powerful and helpful — I like helpful stuff. I can feel your passion for these matters and the depth that is underwriting them. Thank you both for sharing this most precious part of yourselves with your readership. We will be doubly blessed here, Alia

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