How to connect to your Animal Guardian

I realise that I am very lucky: my Animal Guardians came to me, I didn’t have to go searching for them. Apparently though, it doesn’t always happen this way, and this post is an intention to show you some of the ways that you can find and connect with your own personal Spirit Guardian.

Note: here, we are just talking about your animal Guardian: There are many Guides and teachers and yes, even Angels, that reside in the Spiritual Plane, all of whom can help us in their own unique ways, if we consciously connect to them. This post is concentrating on the Animal Guardian connection.

Sometimes, your Guardians do come to you in various and unexpected ways: a friend may give you a gift of an animal representation, and say ‘I thought of you when I saw this’. You may then notice that this animal crops up quite often – on tv, in pictures you see, in dreams… you may even notice your thoughts straying to a particular animal, or thinking to yourself, ‘I feel like bear/butterfly/deer at the moment’, and so on. Don’t ignore this – your Guardian may be trying to connect to you. Look the animal up: see if the symbolism connects with you. If you are still doubtful, look at the meditation/Journey exercise below.

If this doesn’t happen, and you want to reach your Guardian, then there are two ways that I, personally, know of doing this. The first one doesn’t require meditation/Journeying. If you are not familiar with doing that type of trance work, I suggest trying this: Get a mirror, big enough that you can see into without holding it up in your hand, and place it propped in front of you, where you can look into it. Place a candle- any candle, a tealight will do – in front of it, and light it. The flame enhances concentration. Now, you can either stare into the mirror, looking deeply and firmly into your own eyes – the flame should be in your peripheral vision. Or look into the mirror first, into your own eyes, and then transfer your gaze to the flame. Keep your gaze on the flame, don’t stray from it. Do whichever appeals and seems more comfortable to you. Concentrate your thoughts on your Animal Guardian, on reaching and connecting with your animal Guardian. You will enter a light trance state, a meditative state. Eventually, the idea of an animal will show itself to you. Concentrate on it until you are sure it is clear. This may take a while. If you don’t get it first time, don’t give up. It may take a bit of practice. Be sure to thank your animal Guardian for showing itself to you. When you are done, look it up, to see what it represents – this is a mark of reciprocating your honour and respect, your thanks for its appearance, and coming to you.

Note: Depending on what type of person you are, you may see your animal, you may not: instead, you may ‘hear’ or ‘think’ of the animal. Don’t dismiss this, this may be the way it is reaching you. You may ‘feel’ – the strength of a bear, the wings of a butterfly, a paw on your shoulder. Not everyone sees images in this type of work. I very rarely do. I’m a Clairsentient, which means I ‘know’ things, information just suddenly ‘drops’ into my mind, from seemingly nowhere. Sometimes images and feelings accompany this. Whatever happens, trust your instinct. Your instinct is a lot more attuned to this type of work than you may be aware of!

The second way of connecting is through meditation. And there are various ways of connecting once you are relaxed and calm enough. If you are not used to going into a trance like state, you may need to practice first – paradoxically, it can be quite tricky to calm yourself enough to let go of the outer world! Either sit or lie down, whichever is most comfortable for you. Make sure you are in a relaxed position, and I’d advise taking off a watch. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and slowly. To start with, just think of nothing: nothing in your mind, in your brain. Just calm, centering yourself, going inward. No thoughts, just.. calm; emptiness. Once you feel you are ‘inside’ (and you will know when you are there) you can begin to concentrate on your Guardian. As I say, there are two ways of doing this.

The first way is, just to think of connecting to your animal Guardian. Concentrate on that. Call to them: “I would like to connect with my animal Guardian. Please will you show yourself to me?” Again, this may take a while, so be patient. Things may happen; you may see/think/hear/feel various images or scenes. Accept them, let it happen, but don’t involve yourself with them. If and when you see an animal, respond according to your feelings – your inner self and instinct will guide you on what to do. If you connect with an Animal, watch them, and your own feelings. If you are happy, excited, filled with warmth, trust etc, this is likely your Guardian – particularly if they are looking right at you, or are dancing, or doing something else that feels positive. If, however, you feel doubtful or fearful, then this may not be your Guardian. Many strange things can happen when you are ‘seeing’ in a trance state. If you are unsure, think to the vision ‘are you my animal Guardian?’ It will answer you with a yes only if it is. You can stay with the vision, see what else happens. Talk to your Guardian, ask questions – or it may have a message for you. When you are ready to leave, be sure to thank your Guardian, and come back to yourself slowly. You will need to ground yourself after doing this – you may feel strange, lightheaded. Eating is a good way of bringing your self back to normality. Or sit quietly for a while, thinking about your vision, or write it down.

The other way of connecting in meditation is by Journeying. You may want to take a few practice runs at this before travelling to find your Guardian. Start by going to the World Tree. This is where you connect to the Upper, middle, and Lower Spiritual realms. Imagine a huge tree, one that you connect with, that has huge roots and big, widespread branches, the trunk extending far, far up. Some books I have read state that you have to travel downwards, to the Lower World, to connect with your animal Guardian. Personally, I would say that whatever feels right to you, do – again it’s all about trusting your intuition.  (If you are just exploring – taking initial practice runs – you can just climb up and down the Tree, through the branches, see what it has to show you.) Before you go anywhere, state your intent: I wish to connect with my animal Guardian. I am travelling to find my animal Guardian. Then look at the Tree, and go where your intuition leads you.

To get to the Lower World, follow the roots downwards. It may seem to take a while to get there, but the roots will not lead you wrong. If you want to start in the Upper World, climb the tree, past the lower branches, keep going up and up and up… you’ll sudenly ‘clear’ the top branches, you will likely hit a barrier of some sort: clouds, light, or something else. Go up past the barrier, and you are there. For the Middle World, you don’t need to climb. The World Tree is your frame of reference, but here, all you need to do is walk away, heading towards a forest clearing, or a meadow, or something of nature with which you feel comfortable. Once you are there, you are in the Middle World.

Wherever you have chosen to go, keep in mind why you are there: to find your animal Guardian. You may see other things and other animals in these Worlds – every experience is different. Just as with the previous exercise, be guided by your inner responses. If you have negative feelings, remove yourself from the situation you are seeing. If you have positive feelings, by all means engage with what you are experiencing – you might learn something new, or receive messages from other beings inhabiting this World. Just be aware at all times and don’t allow yourself to be ‘sucked into’ something you are not sure about.  Keep focussed. Think of this like taking a walk in an unknown woods – it is peaceful, enjoyable, experiential – but always be alert, for you don’t know what else could be there. Just as in the real world, think about your own safety as much as the weird and wonderful things you are seeing.

Again, as with the above exercise, when you see an animal, ask it directly: Are you my Guardian? And watch and listen for its response. Your Guardian will only ever answer with positive feelings and attitude. Any other animal who has appeared for reasons of their own, will either ignore you, snarl, or give off dubious or negative feelings. If you encounter this, simply turn and walk away, and carry on calling for your Guardian to come to you.

Your Guardian may want to show you their world: whilst with them, they will keep you safe and protect you here, follow and heed them – and enjoy yourself! Or if you prefer, you can return directly – by making your way back to the World Tree. Don’t forget to thank your Guardian for coming to you. Again, make sure you ground yourself when returning to the normal world, and look up the symbolism and traits of your Guardian.

These are my experiences and ways I have come across of connecting with Guardians. This is a not a definitive guide, and you may com aacross other information which differs. Always do what feels right to you. I hope this has been of help to you, and I wish you luck, and most of all, fun with this. As ever, I will be happy to answer any questions you have on this subject, and to hear of your own experiences regarding connecting with your Guardian – or Guardians.

From Northern Antiquities, an English translat...

From Northern Antiquities, an English translation of the Prose Edda from 1847. Painted by Oluf Olufsen Bagge (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Blessings be.


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  1. I have seen wolves in my dreams and when I drive and in quizzes they keep saying wolf and when I meritate I get wolf signs,but ever since I moved from California to Florida I haven’t seen him so,do u think he is still there?do u think he left me?

    • Jenifer, without further details I would not know. We have one or two Power animals that are with us for life, and several that may come and go during our lifetime, to teach us a lesson, and then move on when we have learnt lesson. It is possible the Wolf for you was one such.
      Another possibility is that if you do not ‘go’ to your Animal Guardian, communicate with them, then just like real world friends, they eventually fade. Our relationship with our Animal Guardians is a two-way street. Do you/have you communicated with your Wolf? He/She may still be there, if you take the time to reach out to them 🙂

  2. Oh and I 4got to mention I’m 26 yrs old gonna be 27 on august 15 and is like these feelings getting stronger as my birthday approaching cause I actually recently start seeing the lions in my dreams.

  3. Omg I’m so glad 2 have found this site. I always had so many questions and wasn’t sure where to look 4 answers till lastnight I deside to type into google asking y do I feel like an animal sometimes? Been feeling like tht from as long as I can remember but it seems to get stronger as I get older. Sometimes I feel like I’m in a trance like I’m in another world sometimes is like I can get in the mind of others and just know what they thinking just by being around them. There r times when I get this sudden high like I’m on drugs which I’m not and this high makes me feel things and think things. Other times I feel lke I’m 2 persons which I call myself and my otherself. I would normally feel like a lion and there r times when I would suddenly sigh or yawn but another part of me feels like its a lion roar and lately I actually start having dreams abt them. I have this habit of studying people when I meet them 4 the first time I study everything the way they wlk the way they talk the way they look at me and others and all this studying can happen in just seconds. I have this habit of also smelling everything around me b4 I eat or when wlking in a place is like everyday normal living I’m always sniffing something and I find tht unusual . My husband told me he thinks I’m crazy cause normally if we have any prop and I’m accusing him of something its more like I’m telling him exactly what he did , is like I know just from the way he would tlk or even his body movements is like I pick up on everything in seconds. There r times when I feel really powerful like I’m not. Afraid of anything or anyone and this is when a feeling of a lion comes to me . Many times I feel like going somewhere far in the woods where I’m alone and just scream but my other self tells me its a roar. I’m a nurse but most people say I should b a detective cause I figure people out so easily and I’m always aggressive and on the alert abt everything. Never knew what to make of all tht but I’m strongly believing in animal spirits cause it feels so real. Think I’m gonna read up more abt this so I. Can fully understand what’s happening with me. Ur post made me c tht I’m not crazy after all and I’m not alone. Thanks much.

    • Hello Linfair, so glad to have been of help. This is not unusual, esp if you have high sensitivity – e.g extreme empathy, latent psychic abilities, etc, and yet have not fully opened yourself up to it. Accept the Lion, read up, think about it, and, as I say in my post, connect with him/her. Your description of your self and ‘otherself’ intrigues me… I used to have something very similar, and have never come across anyone else who has had that experience. for me, it was as though ‘someone else’ was brushing my hair, or performing the actions of my body. Sometimes it felt as though I was quite literally ‘beside myself’ – me, and an overlapping me. I don’t have the answer for what this experience is – my theory, however, is that it is something to do with a past life incarnation. I felt that this ‘other’ me was stronger, mentally, more clever, just generally a much better me. It made me feel weird, like really not myself, a stranger in my own skin. Does this sound familiar at all?
      A lion would tie in with your horoscope too… you’re the cusp of Leo aren’t you? So if ou feel an affinity to Lion, no wonder it gets stronger as your birthday approaches… we are in Leo season, after all! Try getting or making a lion symbol – a necklace or earrings that you can wear, paint or get a picture or photo of a lion, write a piece about a lion… wherever your talents or intuition take you. This will help you connect, and maybe settle down those strong feelings.
      Good luck, and blessings be

  4. Thanks for these simple, clear instructions. In addition to deer and spider, I also have had a jaguar companion — not so much recently. When I looked up the significance of jaguar, I found that it symbolizes the path of self-empowerment, overcoming the shadow side of myself. I did a good 25 years of shadow work and I realize now that jaguar was instrumental in helping me come into my own power. I may give the mirror exercise a go — sounds really fun. Thanks so much for sharing all your personal experience and know-how with us. So useful. I just love useful stuff!
    Love and hugs, Alia

    • You are more than welcome, I am so glad to be communicating about all this. And thank you for sharin your experiences too.
      Did you also know that Jaguar was sacred to the old south American tribes, the Mayans and Aztecs? There are symbols of Jaguar everywhere in their culture. An Ancient Spirit, and powerful too. I am glad He helped you… one old soul to another maybe? (And I do mean, soul, not age or anything, please don’t take that the wrong way!)
      Blessings be

      • No offense taken at all. Yes, I am aware of the South American connection with the Jaguar, as compared with the North American counterpart, the Puma, Cougar or Mountain Lion. When I read the descriptions of each of these totems, I knew it was the Jaguar who had assisted me through my solitary path in the shadowlands. Love to you, Alia

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