Take Time to Make Time

As you know if you read my previous post (see here), I’ve been a little down lately and struggling to cope with every-day life. Well, the weekend just past saw me and my partner at a lovely hotel, on our own, and grandparents looking after the children. This is the first break we have had since my now 19 month old son was born. No wonder I was getting stressed!

The weekend was wonderful – 2 nights away, and it felt like a week. We did nothing- quite literally nothing, just whiling away the hours as we wanted, sleeping in the afternoon, and just enjoying ourselves. It is amazing what a break from normal routine can do for you. Being away not only from the children but from the house, from the city, gave us the mental and emotional space to clear our cluttered minds, and hit the ‘reset’ button. We came back feeling refreshed, relaxed, and happy – and looking to plan our next break away!

On Monday we went to the beach. It started out as a lovely warm day, the promise of spring in the air. This impromptu decision served 2 purposes: 1) It fulfils my obligation to Arianrhod, (See here) and 2) our boy has not as yet seen the sea. So we decided why not? A lovely follow-on to our relaxing break, to just spend time at the sea. The whole ritual was wonderful; getting out of the house, a leisurely walk to the train station, the train ride… and ah, there it is, the sea! Our boy thought it was great, though didn’t quite dare to get his feet wet – and I don’t blame him, the water was freezing! But the point was – we made the effort to go and enjoy ourselves, not get caught up in all the should-dos of housework. The grin on my son’s face was joyful, running around on the beach and seeing all the sights, and that in itself reminded me – children are so in the moment, to them, it is the experience that matters. Nothing else. Just being.

At the Beach

Yes, that’s me, and no, it wasn’t as cold as it looks in the photo! But the expanse of the sea, the potency, the sheer continuity of it – just to reconnect with the sea again opened up a beautiful feeling inside of me, emphasising the relaxed and contemplative state.

All of this has made me think, has reminded me – that sometimes, we have to take the time to make time for ourselves. Life is so busy, there is always 100 things to do. But the point is – if we don’t look after ourselves, then things are just going to get worse. A little selfishness now and then is not a bad thing. We need to ‘reset’ ourselves every now and again, we need a ‘time out’, just for us, to bring us back into balance and harmony. And that is not going to happen by itself – we need to make it happen. We need to say I deserve to have this time to myself, or this holiday or this treat and then plan it, and make sure we do it!

So I urge you: DO it! Be selfish! Go and have some fun! Take the time to make some time – just for you! I certainly feel much, much better for doing so!   

As for fulfilling my obligation to Arianrhod – it seemed such a simple thing. The effect this has had is subtle – no big fireworks mentally or in the physical realm, but I believe a part of the advice was to give me everything that I have stated above: To think about life, about relaxing, about being in the moment. The rest of it I have yet to work out – these inner realm/Otherworldly things often take a while to seep through or absorb. I also feel that a meditation and a reconnection to the Goddess of the Silver Wheel is in order. I may gain further insight or instruction, but mostly to get an insight into her, what She stands for, and why she bade me do this. I will keep you updated with this – if it is appropriate, and interesting, of course!

Blessings Be

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  1. I’m happy to know your holiday was relaxing and restful, and that you’re feeling rejuvenated.

  2. Time out for ourselves is SO so so important, I am so pleased you both got time away to do just that.. Your advice about finding that time that space to rebalance is important. I do it often.. 🙂

  3. thank you Heidi. Just before I received your message I sat down and prayed, recited you name, and held you in the light. Hope it reached you.

    peace, Linda

  4. Hi Heidi,
    Your picture is great and apparently your ” break” did you some good. I like your theme of treating yourself well. The energies. cycles we are in have certainly caused me distress on multiple levels so I have slowed down a bit. Those of us who are sensitive deeply feel the drama in the outside world so protection and self-care are crucial!!

    in light, Linda

    • Thank you Linda.
      Glad to hear you’ve slowed down – I think it is so easy to forget just how much ‘life takes over’ and we get caught in a busy, irrelevant, ‘must-do’ trap. But if we don’t look after ourselves, who else is going to? I hope you take time to do things you LOVE – take yourself out to dinner (why not?), do something lavish, that makes you feel special, book a holiday!
      I know money is often a problem for ‘treating’ ourselves – but it doesn’t have to be expensive – just something that makes you feel REALLY good 🙂
      And you are absolutely right – sensitives are vulnerable. I recently had an experience I since found out is called ‘Transference’. It was horrible and took me by surprise – so the break was a double blessing!
      I would love it if you kept me updated – I hope that things pick up for you x

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