For A Boy I Never Knew (A Tragedy)

I know this is a break from the norm, but I just feel that I have to do this. Sorry it’s so sad – but not as sad as what that poor child had to live – and die through.
Reblogged from my creative writing blog. please, if you feel so inclined, just take a few minutes to offer a prayer, Light energy, or whatever seems appropriate to Daniel’s little soul.
Thank you.

Writing for Joy: An Unpublished Showcase

Until a few days ago I never knew you,

Not your name, your face, nor that you existed

Now you, so beautiful, so small,

You are etched in my heart leaving a scar

Your face on the t.v. as I turn on the news

A fragile smile – how could you raise a smile at all?

–          The broadcaster telling me your tragic tale

Starved, locked up, beaten and abused

All by the very people who should have nurtured

Protected and loved you

Always children suffer cruelty

All over the world you see pain and hurt

Politics and war and famine and disease

But somehow your story is even worse

Your own mother, your step-father, this was personal

I sigh and mutter over those poor other children

But for you no sound, silence reigns

As I try with no success to understand

How a mother could do this – a…

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  1. Heidi, never feel sorry for bringing awareness of cruelty, we humans can be so inhumane to each other.. Like no other species on the planet… This story is to me hit a new low into how Low some have reached when they can torture and murder their own child..

    Sending my prayers.. along with your heartfelt words..
    Sue x

    • Incomprehensible isn’t it? Let us just hope that there are more ‘normal’ kind, loving, enlightened people that can help, in some not too distant future, wake up those who seem to lack innate empathy & love. I pray for it to be so! x

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