Please have a look at the above link and, I URGE, IMPLORE and BESEECH you to SIGN THIS PETITION!

What’s it all about? What you may know is that the government are looking to tighten up controls on pornography sites – great, whoo, well done. WHAT HAS NOT BEEN MENTIONED IS THAT INCLUDED IN THIS CAMERON IS LOOKING TO BAN ANYTHING RELATING TO ‘ESOTERIC MATERIAL’.

Yes – you saw that right ANYthing that could be covered under ‘esoteric’. This includes Reiki – just when I’m gearing up to set up my Reiki business!! – Possibly Paganism, Wicca, Tarot, and anything else that HE deems can be filed under that one rather large umbrella.



This is very very concerning, and you can probably guess from my tone that I am extremely angry about this. This is, to me, a step towards a Stazi state. It is frightening. I know many beautiful healers, wonderful souls who simply want to help others with the gifts they have. If this goes ahead – imagine the impact – healing Facebook pages, web blogs, pod casts…. thousands of sites will be restricted, banned, or whatever Cameron feels like doing with them!

So please – Sign for Freedom, and share this Blog or the link around – let’s stop Cameron before he can get any further.

Thank you all. And Blessings be.

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  1. Signed and agree 100 % with you and the petition

    • Excellent! we cannot allow such a farce to happen – where is the justification for such a thing?!

      • Being a ‘Spiritualist’ in brackets, It was only in the second world war that Helen Duncan was tried under the witchcraft act… I have had enough of this farce too… Have you heard of Helen?

        • No I haven’t… 2nd World war?? Seriously? *shakes head in disbelief* I’ll look her up.
          Thanks for the info.

          • You will finds LOTS….

          • Certainly have. I read one article… amazing! Apparently Churchhill called the charge ‘obsolete Tomfoolery’ 🙂

          • Yes, he did a lot to help as he too believed in the Spirit World.. But it did nothing to stop a police raid on a seance in which she was in physical trance, you can read about the type of physical trances on my own blog I have attended where I have touched the hand of those who have been in spirit for 80 yrs… as solid as my own… covered in ectoplasm the substance the police said she swallowed as cheese cloth… If you want further direction to these posts just let me know and I will point you in the direction…
            We are all of us now getting In Tune with our Higher selves Heidi and those younger ones too are going to find themselves more psychic and intuitive as the vales of both worlds will start to get thinner…
            Such are actions of stopping the spread of Healing, and Mediumistic sites…. A method is always there.. Those practising healing also have to have insurance now, and a disclaimer even has to be read out in Spiritualist churches saying the Mediums demo is for entertainment purposes only!… really sticks in my throat that one as I serve churches and venues with my own services of medium-ship…… another EU law that was passed…

          • I know! I understand regulation in healing to try & stop frauds, but they are making it difficult for true healers to heal!! I just discovered, trying to set up my website for Reiki healing that I cannot mention anything re; physical healing – I am not allowed to say that Reiki can help any physical problems!! I can only say about it’s relaxing nature and ‘may help’ emotional and spiritual issues! It is SO restrictive already, despite the fact that I and many healers know that Reiki ‘may’ help practically any dis-ease/comfort!

          • Yes Heidi, thats how it goes, and you have then to ask yourself another question, WHY is that? yes I too understand about fraud, but true healers want to help promote Health… while the real world of pharmaceuticals promote what? you need to look deep into the world there as one tablet creates another problem and Drs get promotions and bonuses for prescribing certain medicines… We are in the business of Healing, ,,, And why hasnt Cancer as yet been found a cure when they must get the most any charity ever gets in donations?….. But these are just thoughts and please if your feel uncomfortable with my response delete them… for there is far more to the World than meets the eye..

          • Oh no, Sue, I am entirely in agreement with you! As far as I am comcerned the professional medical opinions are a ‘best guess’ scenario, they do NOT know everything, and they are in the business of making money. If everyone went around practicing spirtual/universal healing, they wouldn’t be making their profit margins now, would they?! My wish is for science and Spirit to be able to work together… wouldn’t that be a better world?
            I feel like I have had to pass one barrier after another, and all I want to do is help people heal!
            Glad to be having this discussion with you… nice to know there a few of out there 🙂 x

          • Yes science and spirituality now that would indeed be a fine day.. Have you see the video posted by Gregg Braden Heidi how Cancer was cured in second via thought, recorded on a scan monitor .. If you havent I will look out and send you the link Science knows of the power to heal.. But they do not wish us to Know…

          • I haven’t, if you could send me a link that would be great. I’ve heard of various cures for cancer, never properly researched the articles though, but it wouldn’t surprise me… after all, given the population explosion of the world, it is not in the best interests for ‘common people’ to just keep on living, is it?! Cancer, war and the rest of it keep the population numbers down! Sorry, I can be very cynical….

          • Heidi, I have taken the liberty of forwarding this link,,,on Youtube.. There are more on there which show the actual healing taking place via the scan monitor…

            Love to you … Sue xox

          • Lol, ignore prev comment then, sorry just catching up now… thanks Sue 🙂

  2. Onmy way to sign and will be sending the link to my daughter too xxx

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