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Scorpio Symbol

Scorpio Symbol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Astrology. This is a subject area that I dabbled in as a teen and in my early twenties, but I never had the attention or the focus to get into the detailed, calculated complexities of the true astrology chart. However it is an area that has always fascinated me and now, thanks to Linda at Litebeing Chronicles, I have my own natal chart and astrology report!

Please visit Linda’s wonderful blog – she is astute, clever, kind and has a beauty seldom seen or felt.

As I say, I having dabbled in the shallows of astrology, I knew my basic signs:

Sun sign: Scorpio                  Rising Sign: Gemini                          Moon Sign: Aries

What does this mean? Trouble is what it means! Seriously though, the way Linda put my chart together, cross-referenced the meanings, and communicated the essence of the traits and the way they interacted to form ‘Me’ – well, let’s just say that I was stunned. For those of you who don’t believe in astrology, I say: wait until you have Linda do your chart – Hah! Then tell me it’s all hogwash!!

My jaw was dropping as I read down the paragraphs… Linda was describing me to a absolute T! In the first 3 paragraphs, the ONLY bit that didn’t fit me was the ‘Geminian wiry build’. Here is an excerpt from the report:

Strong personality, loyal, passionate, emotional, intense, sensitive, devoted to work, service, perfectionistic tendencies, detail -oriented, prone to worry, anxiety if health is not balanced ( Sun in 9 degrees Scorpio in the 6th house)

Needs to be active in life, subconscious need to belong to community, group ,family, tends to act before thinking, needs to be seen, noticed, appreciated for your independence ( Moon in 19 degrees Aries in the 11th house)

May be wiry in build with close – set eyes, likes to communicate, often quickly with frequent hand gestures, makes a first impression of being witty, breezy, friendly, charming Health areas to watch : Lungs, respiratory system, hands ( Ascendant – 20 degrees Gemini)

My partner was in fits of laughter at the  ‘likes to communicate…frequent hand gestures…’ – that was one of the first things he noticed about me when we met!

Linda also says that Healing is integrated deeply in my chart – it is my desire AND my calling. So my new career path, despite the big risk, is quite literally ‘written in the stars’. This is all down to the position of Pallas Athene in my chart, which just sounds super cool to me, AND it’s at my Mid-Heaven point, which apparently is a very important aspect of one’s natal chart. But wait… there’s more…

Linda talks about my bluntness of speech (Linda & I have never met), and this is so true it has impacted on my friend making abilities – not because I’m socially inept, but because I am so honest in speech most people of my age and younger that I have worked and interacted with simply couldn’t ‘get’ me, unsure of what to make of me and this honesty.  My chart also mentions, under ‘emotional challenges’, my tendency to ‘shut down completely in conflict’. This nearly floored me, for it is EXACTLY what my partner has said when we have had ‘discussions’. He doesn’t understand and can’t get through to me… I go ‘cold’. Now, I know I do this, but it is the only way I can react… it’s like an icy anger, cool, flat, devoid. I am trying to heal this and learning, but it’s tough – and Linda yet again was right when she says that this reaction is due to childhood events.

Astrological chart for Heidi

Astrological chart for Heidi

Just a note here to say that I think the key to all this is Linda’s gathering and interpreting of the information – she communicated everything so concisely and accurately, putting all the parts together to make it make sense… and more than sense, a stunning reflection of me & my traits!

What intrigued me most, however, was my ‘Stellium’; ‘Grand Fire Trine’; and ‘Kite’. These sounded so awesome to me and are still intriguing me…

A Stellium is when 3 or more planets are close together, and mine are in the house of work/service, and are the Sun, Mercury and Venus and Uranus. I won’t go into full details, but it basically emphasises my ‘healing career’ further!

Grand Fire Trine: ( Moon, Mars, Neptune in fire signs forming a triangle 120 degrees apart) Linda says about this: The grand fire trine means you flow the best when you operate with inspiration, faith, and idealism. This will serve you in all sectors of your life. That certainly resonates with me, very strongly indeed.

The Kite: Is basically the shape that the chart makes in relation to the planets and aspects involved, helping these particular placements and traits to ‘take flight’. It is a rare astrological configuration so little is written about it. It sounds like a positive and powerful symbol to have in one’s chart though!

So, me, in summary, says Linda:

You are a very talented, passionate,Scorpionic woman with tremendous potential to serve others through teaching, communication, and healing. Being a parent and having time alone will renew you and keep you balanced. You were born to work with energy and to perfect your skills. You adore serving others and will work tirelessly. Take time for intense inner work and self-care to maintain balance and to avoid darkness and unfinished business to thwart or delay your efforts. You are truly coming into your own, yet need to assess your own needs regularly. You may encounter difficult challenges but are gifted with the resources to transform. Remember you do not have to do everything by yourself nor all at once to be in the flow.

This was an amazing experience, and I feel truly blessed that Linda took time out to calculate, understand, interpret and communicate my astrological chart! (And now I have an excuse that my ‘character’ is written in the stars, ha ha!)

So I urge you: If you ever have the chance to have your astro-chart done, go for it! You never know what super-cool stuff you may discover lurking in your stars!

Light & Blessings,

Reiki Heidi

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  1. My friend Linda is the Bestest~ 😀 Heidi you are like my sister Scorpio, Gemini Rising. Me Scorpio too, Aquarius rising.

  2. here in india everyone has a chart made – no chart no marriage no inauguration no nothing – here charts are like passports – you need them to travel through life – there are the natal charts the annual ones the monthly ones and for some even daily ones – this is THE land of charts and every street has its chart makers – Hinduism endorses charts – astrology is path of that faith – and every good Hindu priest is a chart maker – visit India

  3. This sounds really awesome! Linda’s and awesome person too! I’m really wondering…..thanks for sharing!!

  4. Right from the start, we have two signs and one word in common…trouble:P That mix of fire, water and air. Although, my water runs a bit deeper down a different path. But, that was one of the three words I came up with for my combination. The others were difficult and complicated.

    While it’s typical of Gemini Rising to have a slim build, your physique could be compromised by habits stemming from your nature (Scorpio). Venus would impact this by any addiction or obsession diet-wise. Other than that, I’d look at Jupiter or Saturn in terms of fate/luck affecting health.

    Aha. “Anxiety if health is not balanced.” Now, is that you being anxious because of imbalanced health OR your imbalanced health causing anxiety?

    Bluntness/Honesty in speech suggests a Sagittarius strain…perhaps your Mars?

    I’d say more, but I don’t want to step on any toes.

    • Thanks for your comments! I have Leo in Mars and Sagittarius in Mercury… 🙂
      In terms of health, I’m fairly fit & healthy, it’s my mental stability and emotional outlook that can cause problems, so I would say it is the anxiety that causes physical imablances. When my mind is good, I have no health problems.
      You’re certainly not stepping on any toes, always good to answer questions & converse!

      • Leo is prone to identity complexes in my experience. The indecision to lead or be lead. The confusion with fame/popularity.

        I wonder if your Leo and Sagittarius aspects don’t give you a high expectation complex of some sort. High energy consumption with a poor digestion/metabolism somehow?

        I have several Gemini and Sagittarius placements with a trace of Leo, Libra, Aries and Scorpio. The sources I have consulted seem to describe me as a combo of opposites, an internal tug-of-war.

        I definitely see the Gemini rising in me.

        • Tug of war… yes, that’s how I feel sometimes! Another part of my chart, the Chiron, Linda describes a ‘conflict’ between matrialistic values and the inner self… which is true. Trying to be happy and grateful with what I have, sneering at shallow tv-want-everything-culture.. and yet… is it wrong to want more…?
          You’re right about high expectations – something I have had to learn to deal with… as I often got so angry/disappointed when my (unrealistic) expectations were not met! Although there is nothing wrong with my digestion & metabolism!
          My young daughter is a TRIPLE Aries… I see trouble looming in the future! 🙂

          • I could go for a churro right about now…oh, you said Chiron:D

            Matrialistic or materialistic? I am unfamiliar with the former.

            I have a similar debate inside my head…if it is a debate. I have come a long way from the boy who wanted the latest toys to keep up with his class. I still like my toys though I don’t play with them. I like to look at my treasures. I admire beauty in craftsmanship and tend to pick apart flaws in the things I buy. I too sneer at so many modern “fads” like the IPhone craze and Fbook. There is plenty of stupid advertising, too. As for wanting more, no matter what I dream of having, I must remain in touch with reality. If I cannot afford it or make good use of it, I should not dwell upon wishing for it. What matters most is the love and happiness I experience. Anything else is luxury.

            I continue to struggle with my own expectations as well as those of the people around me. I have not placed as many expectations on myself as they do. So, when some think I am being hard on myself, I think the opposite. I feel others are making me feel pressured to succeed.

            I also struggle with competition. Some say I am smart or artistically talented. Yet, when I see others who do so much better than I, I crumble. I lose any ego I have and shy away from the scene. I know when I am bested. There’s no point in saying otherwise.

            If there is nothing wrong with your metabolism, how is it you are not a slender Gemini Rising?

            Triple Aries? Is that bad? Or does it mean she’s just true through and through? There’s no hiding what she is.

          • You sound very similar to me! Love, Spirituality, all the non-ohysical things are the important things in my life… yet I still find myself wanting ‘The’ nice, house, wanting ‘better’ for my family. I don’t drive, never bothered to learn, so not worried about cars, & hate adverts with a passion!
            I meant Materialistic 🙂
            As for competition… I used to feel like that about writing: when there are genius’ such as Pratchett, Iain Banks, Gaiman, Keats, why should I even bother writing? But there will always be someone better… it’s not about being the best, it’s about expression, what you have to say and want to say, about bringing your own uniqueness to something! And by doing, we learn, and get better 🙂
            Triple Aries… stubborn stubborn stubborn!! She already is even though she’s young, & with her placements & mine, as well as maternal family history…. well, I’m just hoping we can learn together how to handle conflict, because conflict I KNOW there will be!
            As for my build, I guess some people would say I’m slender… but not skinny. I’m not big, but I used to be when I was younger & still have that perception. I have germanic heritage… I’m not ‘dainty’, I guess I have what you’d call ‘strong’ features.

          • Yes, we seem to have some aspects in common. However, spiritual paths may vary.

            How do you get around without driving in this world? Work at home?

            I may dream of the nice house and land for horses, but realizing the population keeps growing (and thankfully there haven’t been any of those scary population control tactics implemented from sci-fi movies), I understand we all need to curb our power-hungry enthusiasm and live with less. Be happy in a tent rather than tossing thousands or millions at the mansion that just might end up an unhappy, drunken episode of Dynasty. You should hear some of the stories I’ve heard about rich women in Australia.

            While I recognize Gaiman as being clever and always changing, I do not think he is any threat to my creativity:) I’d consider him a colleague. I’ve never read the others you mentioned. Writing is a mixed bag. I think books get hype they don’t always deserve. And, it seems EVERYONE (who’s anyone) can write a book when they put their mind to it or get help from who knows how many sources. And, the latter seems more and more common. People get herded to produce books for whatever reason. With modern technology, books are flying off the digital press like swarms of hornets. It’s hard to breathe and write. Competition is hard to see/judge.

            Now, if you were to discuss graphic art, that’s another story. When graphic art gets the same respect or productivity as the modern novel, then we’re really in trouble.

            It may not be a matter of being the best, but when you go to a grocery store to buy cereal and have 50 different boxes of corn flakes on the shelf, how do you pick one? Fewer writers/artists get acknowledgment or appreciation of their work with the thickness of “competition”. It’s the opposite of a monopoly…like the guy who does the music for the Simpsons and countless other movies/cartoons. Danny Elfman. Who competes with that guy?:P

            So, my suggestion as a writer is to pick your audience and produce for them. If word of mouth gets out and increases the fan base, then you start publishing/printing more copies.

            WRONG!! Aries is not stubborn. Not nearly as stubborn as Taurus and Scorpio. Aries is the linebacker who hits hard and fast and then backs off. The steam burns out quickly when it hits a wall. Aries is fire. Fire doesn’t last as long as earth or water. It flickers and curves. It’s always changing/in motion like its compatible counterpart air. And, fire needs to be fed consistently. If being stubborn exhausts Aries’ fire, it will back off. But, the key word for Aries is impulse. It strikes like lightning.

            A triple Aries to me says she will only be stubborn in her ways or growth. Without a difference in moon and rising, she will stay true to herself in the most extreme way. This is both good and bad. She may just surprise you, though. Hopefully, in a good way and not a risk-taking way. I predict she will grow like that teen actress who was with Justin Bieber who always looks baby-faced since Aries is also considered a youthful sign.

            So, perhaps you are just paranoid in a way about your figure. A perfectionist in self-conscious thinking in front of a mirror. I’ve been there. I was a fat baby. I sure thinned out.

            So, you’re not Heidi Klum. Big deal:)

        • Re your latest comment, which Wp wouldn’t let me ‘reply’ so I’m replying here…
          I’m in the UK, I’m guessing you’re not, re; your comment about not driving! My 2 legs & public transport seem to work perfectly well, thank you! I don’t need nor want to drive.
          If you consider yourself a ‘colleague’ of Gaiman, then you must be very very good indeed… why aren’t you published? It’s all about subjectivity, to me, he’s one of a kind a genius in regards to ideas and execution. Yes published novels etc can be one-a-penny, but just ‘cos something’s published doesn’t mean it’s good. i’m an avid reader & I am very picky. I don’t read trash!
          Choices… there is too much in this world, we don’t need as much as we have, but this is the world we live in and so we must make our choices. It is up to us how we choose to walk our path, or indeed, whether we walk our path, or stand, frozen, slowly decaying…
          As for my daughter… you cannot tell me I’m wrong, have you met her?! You may perceive certain aries characteristics… but you can’t make generic assumptions based solely on that… I know my daughter!
          And I also beg to disgaree about my ‘figure’. I’m not paranoid, nor do I care about it… I am fit and healthy and loved, I’m not vain nor shallow, I was simply pointing out that I’m not what one may typically term ‘slender’ because of various other factors.
          I hope that clears up matters.

          • I guess you are also in one of those towns with everything in reach of a bus or taxi if you can afford it. Like in that movie “40 Days and 40 Nights”…how the main guy is able to jog around town from work to the girl’s studio, etc. I, on the other hand, can only do so much on foot. And, it gets harder with age/weather. And, employers here are not so fond of workers on foot.

            You sounded a bit bitter about the driving thing for some reason.

            I have my reasons for not being published which I would rather disclose more privately:) I am starting to feel naked with so many things discussed in public comments. Business can be shady. So I will be shady with my words when it suits me.

            I am not exactly comparing myself to Gaiman as our interests may vary a bit. I am just saying I don’t think he is an outstanding writer I should envy. I think he is similarly creative/inventive. Some writers get in such a rut with their books because they “stick to what they know” whether that’s law, parenting, sex or business. Others fantasize about everything they probably know little to nothing about. The fastidious ones do research.

            You are correct. Yet, so many get published simply because they either do it themselves (with all the modern avenues of self-publishing) or they make great contacts others miss. A lousy book can get all the hype and leave a good read in the dust. With so many writers blossoming in the world, how does a fan of something find that sweet read only available in foreign bookstores? ‘Hit and miss.

            You are right. I have not met her. And, perhaps, you see her as stubborn because she is your offspring. You project certain views of/on her because you are her mother.

            Snappy temper you have:)

            Alright, so you’re just fine in perfect shape for your signs. You are neither delusional nor out of shape.


  5. Thank you Heidi for this glowing review. I am humbled by your words , truly! It is wonderful to know that the information fit your current vision of yourself. The only way to decide about the validity of any modality is to try it out and reach your own conclusions.

    love, light, and gratitude, Linda

  6. I shall keep this in my inbox so I can come back and go visit her tomorrow. And read this properly

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