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What’s the difference between Reiki and Shamanic Reiki? This is a good question, one I have recently pondered.

Having now done a few distant healing sessions, I realised something that I had not known before: that what I do in these sessions is not JUST Reiki – it is Shamanic Reiki.

Reiki is healing with the universal energy, healing the chakras, cleansing negative energy and filling the recipient with self-love; confidence; health; love, and light. It is seeing colours, feeling warmth/cold/tingling, seeing or sensing auras, combining Divine energy and Earth energy.

Shamanic Reiki is to have visions whilst the Reiki is at work, going on an inner quest, talking to Spirit Guardians, the healers’ own and/or the recipient’s. It is receiving and interacting with various images and persons from the universal dimension.

I have also performed psychic surgery, banished ‘spirits’ who have been present but seem to be nothing to do with the person, and spoken the recipients’ guardians.

This Shamanic Reiki was never intentional with me – the intent was always to do a Reiki healing – yet these ‘Journeys’ simply happen… it seems to be an innate working with me. I cannot do a distant healing without Journeying, apparently. It seems as though I have an Inner Shaman.

This does not happen with direct healings. Direct healings may – and do – involve angels and reiki guides, but that is natural & ‘feels’ different. Direct healings are much more focussed on the pure Reiki Light.

There is a saying, one that has been said to me quite often through the years: “When you are ready, a Teacher will appear”. Since my early years I have longed and looked for a Teacher; first for one that would help guide and develop my intuitive, or psychic, abilities, then a bit later for my Wicthcraft practices, and most recently a Shaman. But “my Teacher” has never appeared. Up until now I have always assumed that either I wasn’t as ready as I thought I was, OR that I was just unlucky and looking/being in the wrong places.

Now however, I have come to a different conclusion: that perhaps I don’t need an external Teacher; perhaps I am a solitary learner, and that my Inner Self is my Teacher, that perhaps I should trust my instincts, my own Being, my own Inner Guides and senses more. And not only that, but perhaps I do have Teachers, but not ‘official’ ones, for that is not my path… my partner, for example, is very similar to me yet has slightly different knowledge and different ways of experiencing things… he is a ‘teacher’ to me… and others who I have crossed paths with, not ‘Teaching’, but teaching in a natural, everyday way. I certainly seem to be getting on all right without said Teachers. My progress may be slower, but so far, I believe I’m following the (my) correct path.

I would be interested to hear from other Reiki healers, to understand if this is a common result for Light workers and Reiki healers, or if it is something unique to some individual workers.

And of course, I would be interested to hear anyone else’s views, opinions, suggestions, or queries on this matter.

It is an area that fascinates me. I am not a trained Shaman, not ‘officially’, but I use Shamanic practices in other areas of my life – in fact, I was going on ‘Inner Journeys’ before I realised that it was tied in with Shamanism. It seems to be an inherent part of my Spiritual life.

Light & Blessings

Reiki Heidi

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  1. Heidi, we will have plenty to discuss πŸ™‚

    great post!

  2. Interesting post! You are raising a good question. For example, when I talk to someone who knows nothing about shamanism and has very little understanding of spirit, I tell them that shamanism is something like reiki hehe (people seem to be more familiar with reiki)
    I have little experience with reiki, did one basic course some years ago, but I would say that shamanism and reiki are very different. Like you said, reiki is about ‘channeling’ universal energy and healing.
    For me, shaman is a person who has the ability to co-exist in physical and spiritual realities simultaneously at all times. It means, that he/she never forgets that he/she is a human being, and never forgets that he/she is a spirit. And this is valid throughout all life circumstances, as well as throughout all spiritual experiences.
    Shamans mission is to achieve and maintain this state of awareness for her/himself and for others. Shamans mission is to be in the right relationship with all life and all spirit. If shaman achieves this, he/she will always be able to self-heal and facilitate healing in others.
    Shaman is able to see energy forms, track energy distortions and restore them back to their original form/function.
    I believe that we may be born shaman and never do shamanism, just like we can study shamanism and never be shaman. This is not to say that shamans are ‘special’ in any way, I do believe that we all have an innate potential to be shamans, simply because we are all spiritual beings. But it takes practice, looooot of practice and discipline. Some of us practiced over who knows how many lifetimes, so we remember very quickly and get into it very easily and naturally. This is probably your case.
    Sorry for this loooooong comment, I just felt compelled πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, & I appreciate the long post – it’s informative & interesting. I wholeheartedly agree & it is something that I have said for a long time – that the innate ‘intuition’/psychic ability is inside of everyone… I believe it has been damped by technology & current culture so many people just don’t ‘tune in’ to that subtle part of themselves.
      You say Reiki & shamanism are very different… I guess they are, but to me they are a natural pairing and work together, in me at least, as I said in my post!They are intertwined…
      By your definition, I would then call myself a shaman, as everything you say I was giving a mental ‘Yes’ to as I read it. Not that I am saying I am a great shaman, or a trained shaman… I’m not getting big for my boots here, I just mean that descriptively I am a shaman πŸ™‚ And certain aspects, as with distant reiki, I do seem to act as a shaman.
      But I recognise there is much that I still do not know… this aspect just naturally ‘turns on’ with distant reiki, and i go with it, doing what I am guided to do and what feels right. Anything I am unsure of, I pull back and go back to ‘just reiki’.
      Thank you for your input πŸ™‚ x

    • glad you found your way here, Heidi is awesome. She and I have discussed this very topic offline. Have you seen my post about my remote reiki session? I did not blog all the details, but it was incredibly powerful and eye-opening. I am still processing what happened and I think Shamanic medicine was at play, at least in the mix πŸ™‚

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