The Hara Line Chakras

I have spoken before about the Chakra points on the body – the energy centres that link our physical, mental and spiritual aspects together, and indeed there is a section on the website that explains the Chakras, from the Root Chakra to the Crown. Now I would like to discuss the Hara line, and the further energy centres aligned with this.

The Hara line Chakras

The Hara line Chakras

The Hara Line Chakras are located in between the major chakra points, along the central line of the body, and I am noticing them more during my Reiki healings.  Outside of the body, above the head and below the feet are the Transpersonal Point and the Earth Chakra, respectively. These relate to heavenly Chi and Earth Chi: the energy that we draw in to our bodies from outside of us. When we draw the energy in, down our bodies from the head, this is Universal Heavenly energy, and it is light, clear, and quick-flowing. When we draw energy in, up from the ground, this is grounding or earthly energy, and it is heavier, black, and slower moving.

Working from the top down, at the base of the skull is the Causal Body chakra and is crimson. It is linked with manifestation. This does not yet seem to be fully open and is what I would call expectant: it is there, but is not strong and does not seem to have much impact yet. Next, between the Throat and Heart Chakras is the Thymus Chakra, and is turquoise. It is linked with immunity, and therefore health and protection. This chakra in particular on the Hara line appears to be quite strong, or perhaps open would be a better description. It seems to attract a lot of Reiki energy. It is also known as the High Heart and spiritually it is linked to joy, peace, contentment, connection to humanity.

Next is the Diaphragm Chakra, and is lime green. It is connected to purging toxins, as well as old emotions. Located between the Heart and Solar Plexus Chakras, it links ego/self-will Solar Plexus with self love and compassion Heart. Thus, fully opened, it will open us, the person, up further to knowing and bringing into our lives only that which is good for us. After this is the Hara itself, also known as the Tan or Dan Tien. This is the seat of original Chi and has been known in the east for a long time, especially in such disciplines as Qigong. This is where energy is stored, where we are balanced and is perhaps the most important Hara line Chakra because of this. It is also the strongest. I believe many healers instinctively know about the Tan Tien – for example, I naturally held my hands flat on my belly, in a diamond shape around my navel when working with energy- around the Tan Tien. This is where I feel the energy gathering, and always have done, even before I knew about this energy centre. It is also a comforting place to hold the hands. When the Tan Tien is active, our energy store increases, we can hold more Chi. It also easily connects – and holds – the earth chi and the heavenly chi as they move through the body. This is where the three forces gather and spread outwards; our own energy, heavenly energy, and earth energy.

For me personally, obviously the Tan Tien is extremely active, and is where I always start with self-Reiki, feeling the energy gathering there before I move on to the major chakra positions. The Thymus chakra too seems very active, and is a chakra point I have found myself unintentionally activating – such as nearly-falling asleep with my hand directly over the Thymus chakra, and feeling the Reiki energy flowing, even though I had not intended to do a Reiki self-healing. I have also sensed this chakra when working with clients.

If you work with energy, or meditate, try meditating on the Thymus Chakra to activate it, and sense what it means/feels/sends to you.Heidi.

via The Hara Line Chakras – Reiki Heidi: Reiki Healing in Norwich.

via The Hara Line Chakras.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I love learning more about the chakra system so I appreciate this…I am going to try meditating on my thymus 😉

  2. Thank you for this info Heidi, I think I need to meditate upon the Thymus Chakra .. great post, and I do need to do more Chakra work… 🙂 xxx Hugs Sue

  3. love it, thank you for letting me know about this post. i think so much chakra balancing clearing is done on levels we are not consciously aware of. and when the time is right for the strengthening/rebalancing, nothing can stop it. this is my experience anyway. i always saw my third chakra as weak; felt disconnected from it. but it recently revealed itself to me in a way that was unique to me – my own essence communicating to me in the most perfect way, in the language i understand (through words and visuals and shapes, not necessarily sensations right away). thanks for sharing your knowledge and insight, heidi. 🙂 aleya

  4. Thank you! Good information here!
    The Thymus chakra seems to be where the Cosmic Heart is. The Causal…I think it the Universal heart.
    Then below our feet is the Earth Star…then there’s the Stellar Gateway …All same things I feel just different names!

    How do you meditate on activating your centres? I would love to know!

    • PS: I googled the 12 chakras because I wasn’t too sure about where the Cosmic and Universal hearts were…and there are now 22 chakras?? I meant, I know there are many different energy centres in our body, the main ones are the 7..then come 12…so I am thinking the 22 are just going deeper / more detailed?

      Also I heard from another source that these chakras are actually layered. The higher dimension ones are layered on top of the lower dimension ones….do you experience that in your healing sessions?

      • Shree, there is so much info out there and everyone is ever so slightly different, with their own interpretations. It seems that the Hara Line chakras are more spiritually-related than physical, though of course there are physical elements to each.
        The other/more chakras could be to do with the Meridian lines, acupunture follows the mini-chakras… they are all over our body. I have never studied these multiple minor chakra points, but there is info on them out there, and I believe the Chinese have worked with them for a long time.

        The Hara Line chakras are on a different body layer to the major chakras. It is a subtle difference, and really, unless you start meditating and doing deep work with them, you don’t need to ‘feel’ that difference, as long as you are visualising and ‘sensing’ the chakras themselves that is enough to activate them.

        Regarding my healing sessions, no, I don’t ‘sense’ the layers… but every Healing is different, and it depends on the client and the issue. Reiki and chakra work is quite simple at its core, but complex in detail and workings! In Shamanic Reiki I have done I have worked with various layers, or elements, of someone’s spiritual/non-corporeal self, but that is different from the chakras 🙂

        • Thanks Heidi! It was awesome of you to share more on that…

          Yes, totally agree with different ways of’s something expected I think..but the foundations are still the same.

    • Shree, it is just to do with visualisation and intent:
      When you meditate, the easiest way is to focus on chakra to begin with. See it or sense it, feel it, or if these do not come easy, imagine it. Your chakra should look like a coloured sphere, circular in shape, and each one quie vivid in its colour, unless it is blocked, or full of negative energy. When you have a grasp on the chakra, you are focussed on it, ‘Intend’ it open/activated. There are so many ways of working with them, each depends on the issue…
      For example, if you simply want the chakra to be ‘healthy’ and you need that particular aspect, that concentrate on feeling its energy, on the aspect that it corresponds to.Just hold that for a time until you feel ready to end the meditation.
      If you sense the chakra is blocked/under-active/has collected negative energy, then you can visualise clearing it, making it healthy again – & there are various ways of doing this too.
      If you want to align the chakras so that they are all working together, in harmony, you need to focus and visualise the energy being drawn up through your body, linking each chakra, til you get to the crown, or even transpersonal point (be wary if you go that far, it can send you very floaty & ‘out of yourself’), and then bring the energy downwards, from head to feet, linking again at each chakra. You may well feel a small internal jump, or welling of emotion, as the energy connects with each chakra.

      This is very general, I know, I haven’t given much detail, but this would turn into an essay if I did so 🙂
      If you want further info, please feel free to email me and ask questions and I will be happy to respond.

      I hope this has been of some help though. Basically, Visualisation & Intent are the most important factors.

      Blessings x

  5. you have written it very nice and concise. Thank you for that.

  6. Thanks for this fascinating post. Honestly I do not really grasp how chakras work and your explanation was helpful. I often place my hands above my navel, hmmmmm

    xx Linda

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