Mass Reiki – Global Intent

Reiki the World!

Reiki the World!

I am aware that is a long time between each of my posts – much longer than I actually want it to be. There are so many things I want to share with you, so much I want to say – yet my time is currently taken up with many other projects and life events.

I had intended to write a different post today, sharing how I currently feel and what I am doing -exciting times indeed, for me at least! However, that will have to wait, as I instead want to share with you an AMAZING experience that I was privileged to be a part of.

Facebook can be inane, it can be time-consuming, distracting, and, sometimes, quite frankly, plain rubbish. But it can also be a vehicle for bringing together beautiful groups and amazing, inspiring ideas… and I came across a page and event that was just such a thing. Here is my story:

 On Thursday I experienced something wonderful, beautiful and very special: for the first time, I received distant Reiki healing – not from just one person, but about a thousand.

What was this? How did it happen? What did it feel like?

I joined a facebook group that had been set up as a mass global intent to send Reiki healing to whoever asked for it on the page, at the same time on a set date. The page gained momentum, with a thousand healers joining in and thousands of people asking to receive the healing. I participated as a healer, and each healer also received the Reiki energy from each other. The lady who began this project was surprised and very pleased with the success of the page – she really had not expected it to get so big.

 I have given many distant Reiki healings, and the feedback has always been very positive. I know what I experience as the healer, but I was not sure with this event what to expect as a receiver. Knowing how Reiki works, that the healing is able to move through time and space to reach the required person with distant healing, I should not have been surprised by what happened – but I was.

 The time was set for 7:30pm. I was keeping an eye on the time, ready to begin a few minutes before to get the energy flowing. Ten minutes or so before this time however, I became aware of a strange feeling: like a pulsing within me, a brightness, an open awareness. It was the sensation of a rushing in the ears – without the sound, and not limited to the ears! I realised at once that some of the healers must have started early. It was a strange feeling, especially as I had not been expecting it at that time, and these feelings, these sensations, arrived within me totally without conscious thought on my part.

I promptly stopped what I was doing and joined in, sending Reiki outwards with the focussed intent of it being received by all had asked within this movement. The ‘movement’ was global, both healers and receivers from all over the world joining together to focus on healing at this time, this moment.

 The rush of energy was incredible. I can honestly say I have never felt anything like it. I was surprised, amazed, and awed by the feelings washing over me. I could feel the energy I was sending surging outwards, like a rushing warmth – and at the same time was aware of the energy flowing into me, from all of the other healers. There was so much energy, it was quite intense. I almost felt ‘bowed under’ by the waves coming in. The first 20minutes were particularly intense, as everyone was focussed and ready at the same time, sending together, from every point of the globe. The feeling of connection with others, with strangers, with people not known, was total – this was the opening of the Heart Chakra, and of Spiritual purpose.

 There were many images that I saw in mind’s eye as this happened – amazing, spiritually-felt images, and many sensations felt. It was peaceful, contentment, pure bliss…. and a wonderful, amazing thing to be a part of. How did it work? It was, to me, an affirmation of the power of Reiki energy – and how it is enhanced when many people come together with one pure, focussed intent. The direction and feeling of distant Reiki increased immensely with so much focus and so many healers all sending at once. It truly was the most amazing experience.

 Since Thursday, the last few days have been very calm and peaceful for me – both without and within. I have been in that ‘Just Be’ place: i.e. no busy mind trying to over-think or running an internal dialogue. No getting stressed because there is too much to do. No extraneous emotions. Everything has just been flowing, simply and naturally. I am just as busy as ever, looking after the children, helping my partner with his current projects, planning and organising my own projects… yet as far as I am concerned there are no obstacles, there are no problems – everything is clear, everything will work out. My body feels healthy and grounded. On Friday I ate a lot – grazing throughout the day, and all good, nourishing food. Usually I am a bit ‘slap-dash’ with the way I eat, not always at regular times or in the way I should. My mind is clear and calm. And I have been aware of thoughts of gratitude for my current position and situation in life – something that is so easy to forget and so often neglected.

 Conclusion: – Mass intent Reiki distant healing works wonders! I entered into it because I enjoy giving Reiki, because it good to give back sometimes, and because it looked like an interesting event. I received far more than I ever expected!

 Following the success of this event, the lady who set it up has now started a ‘Community Page’ on facebook, for all healers and those wanting to receive Reiki to join, where she will set up regular distant healing events. If you wish to join this and experience Global Reiki healing for yourself, the link is here

World Hug & Healing

 Facebook name: ‘World Hug & Healing’

 Blessings be,

Reiki Heidi

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  1. By the way, we attuned our boys too and are, like you, a happy Reiki family! Our youngest is at Level I and our teenager is at Master level. I believe Reiki healing is something EVERYONE should learn (or I should say re-remember)… And your story about being Reiki’d by such a large group is awesome! We do a group Reiki at Reiki shares but that is only maybe 8-12 people Reiki’ing someone, not thousands. That is amazing!

  2. I found your lovely blog by searching for images on Reiki and I LOVE the photo / painting of the Reiki hands with the heart and angels. I am a Reiki Master and teacher and also an angel channel. Would it be ok to have this image on our Reiki website? I’m happy to post a link to your blog, or would there be an artist to credit for the image? Thanks so much and by the way, you are a very good writer. Our Reiki website is if you would like to check it out. Reiki flow and bright blessings to you, Heidi!

  3. Wow…that sounds like such a wonderful experience! I don’t know Reiki but have the book on Quantum Touch waiting to be read for my course. Maybe even without knowledge of Reiki, just knowing and allowing healing energies to flow through will help as well?

    You know, reading what you wrote, wouldn’t it be awesome if this was something that everyone participated in, every day different large groups of people doing this for the earth, the universe and all within it? Can you imagine the awesomeness of it! 😀

  4. This sounds amazing! Will certainly link to this page. Just shows the power of energy healing and mass intent 🙂

    But can I ask for some advice please?
    It’s coz I was looking for answers, and you said how all your feedback has been positive. It’s been the same for me until now…

    Last week I gave a visitor a 10 minute session on a gouty foot, because it was causing them pain. The pain lifted and they booked a full session. They’ve cancelled now though, saying not only did the pain return, but much worse than before.
    He’s had gout 20 years or so, so not a new problem. I felt some energy shift in that brief time I was working on his foot, and he reported it went ‘dead at the end’, by which he meant the toes relaxed (though it’s an odd way of saying it?)

    Question is, could the Reiki have shifted a blockage, causing more pain than before? I’ve offered the 2nd session again when he’s feeling better, but really don’t want to hurt him any more, or charge him for a proper session if it’s going to make things feel worse for him!
    Any feelings on this?

    Thank you.

    • * Have shared this post on that Facebook page. Hope you don’t mind; wanted them to know just how powerful the experience had felt for you.

    • Hi Shanti, apologies for delay in getting back to you. Regarding this – my partner & I are both Reiki healers & obviously Reiki each other when needed. Although I have never had this with a client, I have experienced myself, when my partner has done Reiki on a physical injury on me, that sometimes the pain becomes more intense… what’s happening is that the Reiki is clearing the injury & in doing so, I believe it is moving the pain to the surface to be ‘pushed out’. It should clear and remove completely, but with some people/healings, it does seem that it can make the pain worse as the healing works to clear it out.
      Hopefully the gentleman in question will have found the pain gone by now. If you have his contact details, it may be worth a ‘courtesy call’ to him to ask how he is doing, checking that the pain has gone, and on guaging his reaction, maybe explain this process to him?
      20 yrs worth of Gout is a lot of energy to shift, so maybe small & often sessions would be the way to go, if he is amenable to receiving more… which I hope he is!
      If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me at any time 🙂
      Heidi x

      • Thank you, no apology needed, I’m not the quickest at replying there is.
        But your answer does make sense. I know that Reiki does bring things to the surface to be cleared, so it figures this would happen with pain as well. I just hadn’t thought of it like that.
        I’ll give him a call and offer some follow-up sessions and explain the process. Brilliant! Good to know it was all part of the healing thing.
        And you have a partner that does Reiki too? I rejoice 🙂

        • Glad to be of help 🙂 I hope he understands.
          Yes – when my partner & I first met, I introduced him to Reiki, and he was so interested that I ended up giving him the attunements – all spaced apart, as he learned more & more. It is a lovely bond between us, and of course, a great thing when either of us needs healing – & the children receive Reiki too, so we are a happy Reiki family 🙂
          Blessings x

          • Awwww that’s so sweet! What an amazing way to meet; and it sounds like your family has a beautiful base-line energy ❤ Good on yous 🙂
            Yes, well he’s a bit sceptical, but I think this chap will listen with an open mind; and then we’ll see….

  5. Amazing and beautiful experience!

  6. Heidi,
    I am thrilled for you that you had such an overwhelmingly transformative healing experience. Thank you for sharing it with us. We can create so much powerful loving energy collectively.

    xx Linda

    • Yes, we certainly can! It is an ‘enlightening’ experience!
      By the way, I have not forgotten about your question, nor the blog I intended to write regarding Spirit Animal Guides – I simply have not had the time to dedicate fully & seriously to it. But it is still in my mind & I do hope to answer it… at some point, hopefully not in the too-distant future! xx

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