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Do Angels Exist?

Most people will have a very definite answer on this subject, and their answer – your answer, will based on your own very personal experiences, or non-experiences, for those that do not believe that angels exist.

Those who do not believe in the existence of angels will probably not have their minds dissuaded of this, unless or until they have some unexplained, epiphany-like personal experience. Equally, those who do believe in angels will not be moved from their standpoint, because their own experience was so vivid and powerful that no rationalisation can ever fully explain what they have seen, heard, and/or felt.


Me? Yes. Angels exist, as far as I am concerned. My own experiences validate their existence for me. I have felt Archangel’s Michael’s presence and protection when I have felt vulnerable. Angels have worked with me in healing others and here’s the amazing thing: I have stepped back from the person I was healing, and asked for the angels to take over the healing. Afterwards, the person has asked me what it was I did to their head/neck/back because it felt wonderful – at the time I was not touching them. This happened on several occasions with several different people. I have been protected in times of potential danger. There are many things I could relate, but feelings of internal uplift, of emotional boost, of love and healing, are very internal and personal, and its hard to relate this fully in words.

I would like to clear up a few things regarding angels. Some of you may have particular notions, if you are not that familiar with angelic experience, that are prevalent in modern culture, but that are not necessarily true. And these misconceptions may add to a non-belief in these entities – so, though I am not here to change your mind, I may perhaps give you here a different notion of the meaning of ‘Angel’.

Angels are NOT Christian-centric. This was one reason that put me off the idea of angels to begin with, because I did think they were associated with the Christian religion, and therefore me, as a non-christian, really had no reason for them! But the concept of angels goes back before Christianity and they are known in various forms and by different names in different cultures. I think the fact that Gabriel is in the bible and the Christian culture has a strong belief in angels, the history of angels has become dimmed and almost lost. But the very word ‘angel’ comes from the ancient Greek, Angelos, ‘Messenger’. Angel-like beings are known in the Hindu culture too, and are called Devas/Devis. Angels are linked to Spirituality/Universal energy. They are not the exclusive affair of any religion!

Angels are not necessarily humanoid beings with wings. This is an idea, I believe, that has dominated because it is the picture that artists have long used for angels: it is an easy symbol to paint, after all, and a noble one (which of us doesn’t wish we could fly?!) Also, those who do ‘see’ angels this way do so because that is the way the mind interprets the presence of an angel. As we know, the mind is versatile, adaptable, but also fragile. If it encounters something unfamiliar, it will interpret it in a way that makes sense to it – so what we see is actually an illusion, but one that helps us to identify and understand the current experience.

angel pic

So if angels aren’t ‘beings with wings’, then what are they? I hear you say. Well, to me, angels are balls of light energy, full of ephemeral colour. This is how I ‘see’ them. And how I think of Angels is as a sentient part of the universal energy. Like Spirit Guides, they are part of the non-corporeal ‘Other-world’, that come to our aid when they are asked to.

If we think about it, there are times when friends and families don’t know that we need help – unless we ask for it. We humans are so good at hiding our true feelings and experiences, that even those closest to us don’t always know that we need help. Angelic beings are the same – they are attracted to us when we call out to them: When we say to the Universe “I’m in trouble and I need help/healing/to feel safe/an answer to a problem”, we are sending out an energy frequency, and angelic beings pick up this energy call, and track it back to us.

Many healers and light-workers see angels as streaks or pinpricks or ribbons of light. Some people don’t ‘see’ at all, but are overwhelmed with positive feelings – love, security, confidence, an ‘opening’ of the heart, and so on. And I know that many healers will say that Angels have worked with them during healings. I can tell you that from personal experience, a Reiki healing is a wonderful thing, and always, always benefits the person being healed – I have done this on myself and others, so I know how it feels because I myself always come out of a ‘Reiki trance’ feeling refreshed, grounded, physically better. BUT, when an Angel enters a healing – that feeling is increased at least three-fold. The power these beings exude is emphatic, like a euphoric rush.

If you are in one emotional state, and, intentionally or unintentionally (out loud or silently) you call out for some kind of help, and you suddenly find yourself filled with completely different feelings, or a change of emotional or mental state that has seemingly come out of nowhere – then you have been visited by an angel. Sometimes this is the only sign of an angel. Yes sometimes they leave physical signs – the classic white feather suddenly appearing, for example, but not all the time. An open mind is what is needed – they are not humans, don’t expect them to conform to human assumptions! For what it’s worth, I never used to believe in the white feather thing, and then – yes – it happened to me. In the middle of winter, bare, barren trees and not a birdie in sight, nor indeed sound – and a tiny baby fluffy white feather floated down right in front of my face. I had to smile. I had been thinking about a worrisome subject on my walk to work – and here came a sign; don’t worry, we’re here!

Guardian Angel words

I am closest to Archangel Michael, for He was the first Angel to come, to my knowledge, to my aid. His presence was a comfort, almost a physical thing, making me feel secure when I had been feeling vulnerable. But I know that all types of other angels have helped me with healings – and healings on my own self, too. And helped me with general problems that I try and think through – suddenly, out of nowhere, and answer is ‘dropped’ into my mind, like an awareness that has been told to me, only I don’t hear a voice, I just suddenly ‘know’. I am glad to have these beautiful beings walking with me in this life, they really are an asset to humankind.

If you are dubious, if you are curious, then take my advice if you will: Why not try it? Next time you feel need help of some kind, just call out to the Universe – ask for help – you can say it in your mind (or heart would be best!) – and see what happens. A word of warning though: be sincere, be honest, be respectful. Angels will not come if you call just to see if they do! But if you are genuine, and you call for Divine help, you may be surprised at what happens. After all, you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Any comments, suggestions, questions, or related personal experiences are very warmly welcomed!

Blessings be.


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