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Update: A short message

Hello all,

Long has been my absence & I apologise most sincerely. Much has been happening recently…

Since my found freedom – quitting my job & starting my business – my Spiritual path has moved on apace. I really want to blog about everything that has happened so far, but by the time I got through the – absorbing, understanding, processing part of what has happened to me, I began to get quite busy with my business… And then got hit by a yucky cold, under which I am currently suffering!

SO, please be aware that a lot of information will be coming your way soon… as soon as I have kicked this cold into hyperspace!

In the meantime, I’d like to share this little picture & message that I (with my partner’s help 🙂 ) created.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, & I hope to catch up with your blogs too, very soon.


Light & Blessings

Reiki Heidi

The tough get reiki

How to keep grounded – a meditation

Keeping grounded, centred and balanced is very important, especially in today’s busy, hectic world.


Chakra (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We are all so very busy, doing all the jobs that need doing, helping out friends and family members, worrying about finances, work, our health… so many things take up our thoughts and our time, that it is easy to lose sight of what is important, and what is right in front of us.

Doing a ‘grounding’ meditation can help us let go of our fears and worries, and help us to concentrate on the present as well as what is important right now.  Grounding can also help us come back to the everyday world after we have had an energy  healing session, which can leave a person feeling floaty, light-headed, and spacey. In this case, the healer should help to ground the recipient by finishing the healing session at the feet, bringing up earth energy which helps to connect the recipient literally to the earth, reducing that floaty light-headed feeling.

However, it is important for healers to keep themselves grounded, as they are working with high and light

Natural earth caduceus

Natural earth caduceus

energies. It is also a useful practice for when we are feeling we are doing too much, or cannot concentrate on present issues, problems or events.  Grounding helps us to be fully present, to feel balanced and whole, and to see situations around us clearly, with reduced emotional response, which then helps us to make a clear, rational, thoughtful response appropriate to our current situation.

Grounding Meditation

Sit or lie somewhere comfortable, ensuring you are somewhere you feel safe, relaxed, and at a time when you won’t be disturbed. Concentrate on your breathing for a while, allowing all outside thoughts to float away, like clouds passing through your mind. When you feel that you are deep within yourself, you can begin to draw on the earth energy.

Imagine your body has roots that connect you to the earth…. Feel your roots travel down, down through the floor of the building, through the concrete pavement, connecting with the land, down through the soil. When you can see this or feel this, hold that impression, making it firm and clear in your mind. You are rooted to the earth, you can feel the soil, the plants that share the soil with you, and the trees. See your roots entwining with that of the plants, or mushrooms, or trees: whichever feels appropriate for you. Enjoy this sensation, stay as long as you feel you need.

From here, you can ‘come back’ – bring your roots back up, slowly, gently, back into yourself, become aware of your body again, then your breathing, and slowly, count yourself back awake (“3…2…1… awaken now”). This is the simplest way of grounding, and is a fairly short meditation if you don’t have much time, or much practice at meditating.

You can take it further, however, continuing the meditation from that point of connecting with the earth: imagine energy coming up from the earth, travelling through your roots, up your body from your feet, up to your base chakra. Take this slowly, ensuring you can really feel (or imagine) the earth energy travelling up, feeling its movement through your body. Feel it fill up your base chakra, then move on to your sacral chakra, stopping again until you can feel the earth energy connect with the chakra. Continue doing this all the way up your body, with each chakra, until the energy reaches the crown.

yin_yang_treeNow, imagine the heavenly chi, or energy, that comes from above and is drawn downwards through the body. So, at the top of your head, imagine a white light, that comes down from your head, again connecting at each chakra. Here, at each chakra point, starting with the crown, imagine the heavenly chi combining with the earth energy at your chakra: see them turning your chakra into something similar to the yin-yang symbol, and beginning to spin. Once you are satisfied that you can really see this image, and see your chakra spinning with both energies, move the heavenly chi down your body to the next chakra point, the throat. Do the same thing at each chakra, slowly moving the heavenly chi all the way down the body, down your legs and through your feet.

Once you are happy that the energies have combined, and each has gone from feet to head and head to feet respectively, then bring your roots (if you haven’t already done so) back up from the earth and into yourself. Ensure your aura feels close to your body at the head – that you have not left your crown chakra open. See your aura as close all around your body.

The meditation is complete. Take your time waking up, rest for a while, ensuring you are fully aware of your body and your breathing. Tensing and releasing each muscle helps to bring you back to the present fully and gently. Open your eyes slowly, and rest for a bit before getting up.

Personally, I have had great success with this particular meditation. At times when I have felt frazzled, empty of energy, or emotional, this grounding meditation has helped me ‘come back to myself’ – that is, reinvigorated me, rebalanced my physical feelings and emotions, and helped my concentration on focus. I hope it helps you, too.

via How to keep grounded – a meditation – Reiki Heidi: Reiki Healing in Norwich.

via How to keep grounded – a meditation – Reiki Heidi: Reiki Healing in Norwich.

(1) Reiki Rise & Shine – Reiki & Shamanism


Reiki Shaman


What’s the difference between Reiki and Shamanic Reiki? This is a good question, one I have recently pondered.

Having now done a few distant healing sessions, I realised something that I had not known before: that what I do in these sessions is not JUST Reiki – it is Shamanic Reiki.

Reiki is healing with the universal energy, healing the chakras, cleansing negative energy and filling the recipient with self-love; confidence; health; love, and light. It is seeing colours, feeling warmth/cold/tingling, seeing or sensing auras, combining Divine energy and Earth energy.

Shamanic Reiki is to have visions whilst the Reiki is at work, going on an inner quest, talking to Spirit Guardians, the healers’ own and/or the recipient’s. It is receiving and interacting with various images and persons from the universal dimension.

I have also performed psychic surgery, banished ‘spirits’ who have been present but seem to be nothing to do with the person, and spoken the recipients’ guardians.

This Shamanic Reiki was never intentional with me – the intent was always to do a Reiki healing – yet these ‘Journeys’ simply happen… it seems to be an innate working with me. I cannot do a distant healing without Journeying, apparently. It seems as though I have an Inner Shaman.

This does not happen with direct healings. Direct healings may – and do – involve angels and reiki guides, but that is natural & ‘feels’ different. Direct healings are much more focussed on the pure Reiki Light.

There is a saying, one that has been said to me quite often through the years: “When you are ready, a Teacher will appear”. Since my early years I have longed and looked for a Teacher; first for one that would help guide and develop my intuitive, or psychic, abilities, then a bit later for my Wicthcraft practices, and most recently a Shaman. But “my Teacher” has never appeared. Up until now I have always assumed that either I wasn’t as ready as I thought I was, OR that I was just unlucky and looking/being in the wrong places.

Now however, I have come to a different conclusion: that perhaps I don’t need an external Teacher; perhaps I am a solitary learner, and that my Inner Self is my Teacher, that perhaps I should trust my instincts, my own Being, my own Inner Guides and senses more. And not only that, but perhaps I do have Teachers, but not ‘official’ ones, for that is not my path… my partner, for example, is very similar to me yet has slightly different knowledge and different ways of experiencing things… he is a ‘teacher’ to me… and others who I have crossed paths with, not ‘Teaching’, but teaching in a natural, everyday way. I certainly seem to be getting on all right without said Teachers. My progress may be slower, but so far, I believe I’m following the (my) correct path.

I would be interested to hear from other Reiki healers, to understand if this is a common result for Light workers and Reiki healers, or if it is something unique to some individual workers.

And of course, I would be interested to hear anyone else’s views, opinions, suggestions, or queries on this matter.

It is an area that fascinates me. I am not a trained Shaman, not ‘officially’, but I use Shamanic practices in other areas of my life – in fact, I was going on ‘Inner Journeys’ before I realised that it was tied in with Shamanism. It seems to be an inherent part of my Spiritual life.

Light & Blessings

Reiki Heidi

via (1) Reiki Rise & Shine.

Astrology & Me

Scorpio Symbol

Scorpio Symbol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Astrology. This is a subject area that I dabbled in as a teen and in my early twenties, but I never had the attention or the focus to get into the detailed, calculated complexities of the true astrology chart. However it is an area that has always fascinated me and now, thanks to Linda at Litebeing Chronicles, I have my own natal chart and astrology report!

Please visit Linda’s wonderful blog – she is astute, clever, kind and has a beauty seldom seen or felt.

As I say, I having dabbled in the shallows of astrology, I knew my basic signs:

Sun sign: Scorpio                  Rising Sign: Gemini                          Moon Sign: Aries

What does this mean? Trouble is what it means! Seriously though, the way Linda put my chart together, cross-referenced the meanings, and communicated the essence of the traits and the way they interacted to form ‘Me’ – well, let’s just say that I was stunned. For those of you who don’t believe in astrology, I say: wait until you have Linda do your chart – Hah! Then tell me it’s all hogwash!!

My jaw was dropping as I read down the paragraphs… Linda was describing me to a absolute T! In the first 3 paragraphs, the ONLY bit that didn’t fit me was the ‘Geminian wiry build’. Here is an excerpt from the report:

Strong personality, loyal, passionate, emotional, intense, sensitive, devoted to work, service, perfectionistic tendencies, detail -oriented, prone to worry, anxiety if health is not balanced ( Sun in 9 degrees Scorpio in the 6th house)

Needs to be active in life, subconscious need to belong to community, group ,family, tends to act before thinking, needs to be seen, noticed, appreciated for your independence ( Moon in 19 degrees Aries in the 11th house)

May be wiry in build with close – set eyes, likes to communicate, often quickly with frequent hand gestures, makes a first impression of being witty, breezy, friendly, charming Health areas to watch : Lungs, respiratory system, hands ( Ascendant – 20 degrees Gemini)

My partner was in fits of laughter at the  ‘likes to communicate…frequent hand gestures…’ – that was one of the first things he noticed about me when we met!

Linda also says that Healing is integrated deeply in my chart – it is my desire AND my calling. So my new career path, despite the big risk, is quite literally ‘written in the stars’. This is all down to the position of Pallas Athene in my chart, which just sounds super cool to me, AND it’s at my Mid-Heaven point, which apparently is a very important aspect of one’s natal chart. But wait… there’s more…

Linda talks about my bluntness of speech (Linda & I have never met), and this is so true it has impacted on my friend making abilities – not because I’m socially inept, but because I am so honest in speech most people of my age and younger that I have worked and interacted with simply couldn’t ‘get’ me, unsure of what to make of me and this honesty.  My chart also mentions, under ‘emotional challenges’, my tendency to ‘shut down completely in conflict’. This nearly floored me, for it is EXACTLY what my partner has said when we have had ‘discussions’. He doesn’t understand and can’t get through to me… I go ‘cold’. Now, I know I do this, but it is the only way I can react… it’s like an icy anger, cool, flat, devoid. I am trying to heal this and learning, but it’s tough – and Linda yet again was right when she says that this reaction is due to childhood events.

Astrological chart for Heidi

Astrological chart for Heidi

Just a note here to say that I think the key to all this is Linda’s gathering and interpreting of the information – she communicated everything so concisely and accurately, putting all the parts together to make it make sense… and more than sense, a stunning reflection of me & my traits!

What intrigued me most, however, was my ‘Stellium’; ‘Grand Fire Trine’; and ‘Kite’. These sounded so awesome to me and are still intriguing me…

A Stellium is when 3 or more planets are close together, and mine are in the house of work/service, and are the Sun, Mercury and Venus and Uranus. I won’t go into full details, but it basically emphasises my ‘healing career’ further!

Grand Fire Trine: ( Moon, Mars, Neptune in fire signs forming a triangle 120 degrees apart) Linda says about this: The grand fire trine means you flow the best when you operate with inspiration, faith, and idealism. This will serve you in all sectors of your life. That certainly resonates with me, very strongly indeed.

The Kite: Is basically the shape that the chart makes in relation to the planets and aspects involved, helping these particular placements and traits to ‘take flight’. It is a rare astrological configuration so little is written about it. It sounds like a positive and powerful symbol to have in one’s chart though!

So, me, in summary, says Linda:

You are a very talented, passionate,Scorpionic woman with tremendous potential to serve others through teaching, communication, and healing. Being a parent and having time alone will renew you and keep you balanced. You were born to work with energy and to perfect your skills. You adore serving others and will work tirelessly. Take time for intense inner work and self-care to maintain balance and to avoid darkness and unfinished business to thwart or delay your efforts. You are truly coming into your own, yet need to assess your own needs regularly. You may encounter difficult challenges but are gifted with the resources to transform. Remember you do not have to do everything by yourself nor all at once to be in the flow.

This was an amazing experience, and I feel truly blessed that Linda took time out to calculate, understand, interpret and communicate my astrological chart! (And now I have an excuse that my ‘character’ is written in the stars, ha ha!)

So I urge you: If you ever have the chance to have your astro-chart done, go for it! You never know what super-cool stuff you may discover lurking in your stars!

Light & Blessings,

Reiki Heidi