A Vision of Arianrhod

I had an experience last night that was so unusual and amazing that I feel I just have to share it.

I’ve not been feeling myself lately (hence the delay in blogging): I’ve been very low – in mood, energy, and physicality. I am constantly tired, and feel like I am living in shades of grey. I have not been giving my children the mother they deserve. So last night, I did a ritual to ask for help.

After casting the circle and inviting and welcoming the four elements (Air; Fire; Water: Earth), I called specifically on the Mother aspect of the Goddess to help me. I asked her to help me banish the negativity around me and in me, to give me, as a Mother and as a Woman, patience; love; joy; calmness; to be the mother I should be, to know that I can be.

I am not going to go into the full ritual here, but I want to share with you the vision that I was granted as I sat quietly, eyes closed, waiting for a message from the Mother.

I saw the Goddess – or more accurately, I should say a Goddess – with raven black hair, pale skin, and a white robe. It was night-time, a dark sky, with stars scattered above crystalline clear. The Goddess was skipping across the sea, and she held in her hand a Silver Star. I greeted her, thanking her for coming to me. (I was a bit bemused, as this was not what I had been expecting – normally visions/messages with the goddess is just words in my mind, or somewhere earthy). She looked at me and said, “You’ve lost your power.” I nodded. “Here, eat this”, and she put a gift into my hand – it was a white sphere, hand sized, like the moon or a pearl. To be given a gift in a vision is an honour and means something in the physical world. I lifted my hands to my mouth and ate half of the white sphere. The rest, at some inner direction, I placed in my heart, third eye, and crown chakra. As I did so, I felt a wave of clean energy/different energy surround me. The Goddess smiled, and I thanked her for the gift, and asked Her what I can do for her in return. She replied “Visit the Sea!”

That was it – seems like such a small price to pay, yet it is something that must, absolutely, be done – a Goddess’ favour is not something to be taken lightly.

Then, Her consort appeared beside Her and clasped hands with Her. He looked at me with clear, intense eyes, and said only “You need him” (meaning my partner). They were reminding me of the support network, and of the balance of energies that comes with a special partnership. With that, they were gone.

When I had finished the ritual, it dropped into my mind to look up online ‘Goddess of the Silver Star’. Now, for those of you have read previous posts, you know that I worship the Triple Goddess, and not any single specific deity. I wasn’t sure what this search was going to bring me – but my intuition is rarely wrong. Imagine my surprise then, when two sites came up under this search, with the Goddess Arianrhod!


I was further amazed, because Arianrhod is not a Goddess I know anything about except Her name. And when I read these sites – Her image is EXACTLY as She had appeared to me; She is a Mother aspect Goddess (as oppsed to Maiden or Crone, or representing any other aspect that many specific Goddesses do); and She is linked with the moon, stars, and sea! So everything She represents was shown true in my vision – despite my not having known anything about Her.

I felt humbled, amazed, awe-struck. And also puzzled, in a good way, that a Goddess unknown to me chose to come to me, and not only that, but grace me with a gift. This is one of the most fantastic experiences I think I can honestly say I have had – certainly the most intuitive! My happy task now is, of course, to further research Arianrhiod, and to work with Her further.

I hope you have enjoyed this journey and experience, and I welcome any comments you choose to share, and to answer any questions you may have – if I can! Please also feel free to share any similar experiences you have had.

In the name of the Goddess Arianrhod – Blessings be!

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  1. Thank you for introducing me to the Goddess Arianrhrod. This is a new experience for me and one that I want to know more about. I have had many visions in my life, but have yet to be blessed with a Goddess presence. You are blessed indeed!

    • Hello, and thank you for your comment 🙂 I was indeed very blessed, and need to look into working with Arianrhod more, what Her vision to me means in a personal sense and how I can honour Her. I am yet to visit the sea, as instructed – the weather has been too cold! But I do intend to do it soon as I don’t want to leave it too long!

  2. I found this post fascinating — both your experience and because Arianrhod was not known to my mind but I recognized her instantly through the image. Upon reading the related article about her, I resonated strongly with the closing paragraph. It seems to sum up exactly your situation when you requested assistance. I am copying it here for your reference. Blessings and love, Alia

    “When Arianrhod speaks to you delve into your own soul; seek the knowledge of past lives; release the past; allow rebirth and renewal to occur. Be aware of the moon and the magic of her flowing changes. Open your heart to the infinite possibilities of the stars. Be in the open mind of the initiate who seeks truth of self and of others.”

    • YES!!!
      Thank you for this – and it does resonate, so strongly!
      Arianrhod has made me more aware – of myself, my thoughts, and interestingly, as myself as a woman. I am so wrapped up in daily life as a mother etc, I forget about me as Woman… this has become a strong thought with me since Her appearance. I am still working through the meanings and layers, but I hope to do an update soon on how She has had a bearing on my life.

      • I am a firm believer that nurturing the “woman” also nurtures the rest of our lives and all the many roles we choose to play. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying: “When Mama’s not happy, ain’t nobody happy.” There is so much truth in that but we have been conditioned to think that taking care of #1 is a selfish act. Instead, it is one of the most self-less acts and allows our happiness to nurture the rest of our world. Blessings and honor to Woman, Alia

        • When we start love with ourselves, we have more love, joy and time to give to those around us… it spreads like ripples. A little selfishness is not a bad thing – we have to honour ourselves first, for others to get the best from us.
          Blessings and honour to Woman! x

  3. Reblogged this on Faerie♥Kat's Faerie♥Korner and commented:
    Here is a perfect example of how, as we travel our personal paths and our nature and needs change, not only do new personifications of the goddess and god, as well as other spiritual helpers, transverse our path exactly when they are needed, but you can never tell how or who will appear. Enjoy!

  4. I am so happy for you to have experienced such an uplifting visit and I hope you will let us know how Arianrhod’s gift and visit materialize in defeating you “low”. It has been my experience that we never know who will answer our call for assistance, and for me that is actually the best part. As we travel our personal paths and our nature and needs change, not only do new personifications of the goddess and god, as well as other spiritual helpers, transverse our path exactly when they are needed. Just as our paths have crossed here on the internet! Thank you for visiting my blog, which has led me to here to cherish your craft and experiences. Blessed Be!

    • Thank you for your wise words, Faerie Kat. yes you are right, about the different elements/aspects/deities who come visiting!
      I shall try and remember to update 🙂
      Blessings be

  5. How wonderful! It seems like many of us are getting intuition upgrades.
    thank you for sharing your story.

    • Yes, visions do seem to be becoming stronger and clearer… certainly practice in vision quest, trance, meditation helps, like exercising a muscle.
      Thank you for your comment
      Blessings be 🙂

  6. This is amazing! Thank you very much for sharing!

  7. What a blessing that have such a vision. I first learned about Arianrhod while working on my painting of Her. She now resides deep in my heart and soul.

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