Call Me Warrior


For once I am breaking my own rule on this site, & am posting a poem – because this poem is absolutely What I Am, and fits with the spirit of this blog, too.  This poem is in my heart right now.


Do not mistake my kindness for weakness;

Do not think that as a Healer I am helpless,

My heart is open but not unprotected –

The danger has not gone undetected.


I will not falter and I shall not yield,

I accept this Power I can wield,

I fight not with a weapon in my hand –

It is a different battle for which I stand.


I understand there may be pain,

If I do not venture there will be no gain

To pretect my community, kith and kin –

Every battle shall I face and plan to win.


You see but do not know what you see,

Shadows on the edge that dance with me

Look further than your eye Sight

I walk determined with the Spirit Light


I know the Darkness that is surrounding,

With my Spirit Guides I go hunting and a-hounding

For you I promise I will never weaken,

It is my calling and my duty to be a Spirit Beacon.


My Strength and courage flows on the inside

Fear will never turn me aside

I accepted this challenge and this Path

To walk between the Dark and Light is my Task.


My Shield-Drum and Voice will always be at hand;

Ready and alert shall I ever stand

I walk the Otherworlds with no barrier

Call me not Fool but call me –


Light & Blessings

Reiki Heidi

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  1. Stunningly written. I really felt this piece. I am glad I found your site. Can’t wait to look around some more.

  2. Hello Heidi!
    Just dropping by to thank you for coming to my blog, commenting (haven’t gotten around to replying to comments yet..hehe) and following my blog! 🙂
    Loved the poem too! 🙂

  3. I’ve followed Miro for some time. Glad you chose to reblog his worthy words.

  4. Beautiful words of wisdom- Aho

  5. absolutely wonderful , be and brave warrior I salute you !!

  6. Heidi, I absolutely loved your poem, it filled me with strength for Warriors we are as we do battle keeping the Light not fearing the Dark.. and Comes with a similar theme to a poem I only finished last evening at 3am, as I did battle with my own thoughts of a world about to step into the abyss of the Unknown….
    Wonderful, and Keep breaking your rules, for this was so needed to be read and I hope many more will take on board its uplifting message

    Wishing you a Peaceful Sunday
    Sue xox

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